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As part of our commitment to keeping our clients abreast of the latest thinking in Physical Asset Management, Operational Excellence & Digital Transformation, we provide below a number of links or articles that we feel may be of interest to the Operations and Maintenance Community.

Please feel free to download the articles and if you would like to discuss any aspects of the topics covered in these articles please don't hesitate to contact us.

Please remember to visit often as we continually update and expand the series of articles contained on this page, or alternatively if you would like to be notified when this page is updated please register here and we will automatically contact you with any updates.

A prominent nickel mining company in Indonesia, part of a global mining company has been running continuous improvement program using TPM principles. The program called Operation and Maintenance Improvement Program, has been involving more than 150 employees, completed 24 significant improvement projects ...


Establishing Stable Operations Through Continuous Improvement Program Lesson Learnt from a Nickel Mining & Processing Company in Indonesia


Best Plan, execution, control, and ensuring the program's sustainability are the best part of achieving the best Continuous Improvement strategy. We deliver the best experience for implementing Continuous and improve their performance. 

Image by Isaac Smith


Infographics Continuous Implementation Programs

Image by Fredy Jacob


Asset Data Integrity is Serious Business

A vast and growing amount of data is being accumulated in businesses today. Yet many people in business intuitively know there is not a corresponding improvement in reliable information on which to base good decisions ...



Continuous Improvement at The Larger Indonesian Coal Mining Company

With Relogica assistance, One of the Largest Indonesian Coal Mining Company has started their new journey to performance improvement. The structure and infrastructure have been established. Cross Functional Macro team continue running big dollar saving projects . . .

In a recent paper by Ron Moore, author of the highly acclaimed book:  “Making Common Sense Common Practice: Models for Manufacturing Excellence”, he puts forward his findings from a survey he’s conducted across the industry in the United States ...

Image by Patrick Perkins


Are The Improvement Tools Working? A Survey of Practice

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 22.50.14.png


The First Site was TPM3 Excellence Award Achieved

Banpu Thailand became the first site to achieve the top TPM3 Excellence Award. Since 2004, all employees at the site have been engaged in TPM3 Teams. At the time of the Level 5 verification, the site had achieved ...



Living RCM Case Study

This paper describes a successful pilot by our business partner OMDEC in applying their newly release Living RCM module. In this Pilot Project, a Municipal Electricity Utility teamed up with OMDEC to explore the value ...

Many Organizations in Indonesia is currently either planning to, or in the process of implementing RCM methodology. Although there are immediate benefit from an RCM implementation, maintenance organizations ...



Introduction to RCM

(in Bahasa)



Proactive Approach to Improving Plant & Equipment Performance

This paper describes TPM3 point of view for the need of proactive maintenance. It starts by describing the nature of failures where every failure always started with poor performance ...

Capabilities 2.JPG


Dofasco Cover Story

A good article discussing Dofasco's success in achieving equipment reliability, they were awarded the PEM Maintenance Award. This paper highlights the learning from

This paper by Stephen J. Thomas provides an introductory insight into the management of change that many maintenance & reliability professionals often must face in implementing improvement programs within ...



Change Management For Maintenance & Reliability Profesionals

Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 14.00.09.png


TPM3 - A Brief Overview in Bahasa Indonesia

Meraih World Class Performance yang berkelanjutan merupakan perjalanan tanpa jalan pintas. Anda perlu membangunnya dengan tahapan yang terstruktur, sistematis, tetapi tetap fleksibel. TPM3...



Introduction to Reliability Centered Spares

Reliability Centered Spares (RCS) is a methodology used to determine the most effective spares holding policy to support your maintenance practice. It balances the cost of maintaining spares in the warehouse with ...

It shares the experiences of a small group of miners taking their first steps on their TPM3 Journey to Excellence. It is not just about maintenance; it is about ...



TPM3 Journey to Excellence ;

Mining Case Study

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 23.54.10.png


TPM3 & Six Sigma ; Similiarities & Differences

This is an interesting research paper that highlighted several high level similarities between TPM3 and Sigma. Due to both the similarities and the differences, TPM3 can enhance any existing Six Sigma

JPEG image-1FDB57215918-1.jpeg


The Case Against Streamline RCM

As the result of growing popularity of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), many variants emerge to claim the title as the best RCM approach. In this paper published in 2000, John Moubray tries to clarify what RCM is, and ...

Maintenance is about preserving physical assets. True? Wrong! this paper illustrates the changing of many paradigms in the maintenance world ; attempts to summarize fifteen of the most important areas of change which have occurred in the field of physical asset maintenance ...

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 21.52.54.png


Maintenance Management - A New Paradigm



The Reliability Handbook

The handbook discusses the evolution of reliability in maintenance, how to assess your operation, reliability centered maintenance concept, dealing with uncertainty as well as optimizing your condition based maintenance.



Introduction to RCM II

This paper by John Moubray – author of the widely popular RCM version: RCM II, was published in 1999. In this paper, John illustrates the evolution and changing world of maintenance which set in motion the development of a method known as Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) ...

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At Relogica we aim not to just help clients with the problems of today but we also look to the trends and possibilities for the future. We are committed to providing solutions for our clients that will enable them to be truly world class organizations.


We do this by synthesizing the issues confronted by our clients, with the leading edge thinking of our Business Partners together with our experiences in the field to develop our viewpoints of what the future holds and how to get there. We believe this enables our clients to stay ahead of the pack in striving for excellence.

Listed below are some of our viewpoints for Operations and Maintenance excellence, we trust you find these articles interesting and thought provoking and we welcome your feedback or the opportunity to discuss how these viewpoints are relevant to your industry, please feel free to contact us regarding any of the issues covered on this page.

Please remember to visit often as we continually update and expand the series of articles contained, or alternatively if you would like to be notified when this page is updated please register here and we will automatically contact you with any updates.


Excellence in maintenance truly requires that you have good control over your maintenance activities. As depicted in our maintenance excellence framework, to get good control of your maintenance activities, you need to be in command of the 5 control elements ...

Image by Jon Tyson

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Are You Doing The Right Maintenance ?

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Continuous Business Improvement Project

A world-class coal mining company in Indonesia recently commenced their journey for continuous business improvement using a simple 9-steps methodology ...

The evolution of new technologies and analytics is fundamentally changing how companies conduct their business, we help our clients to adopt these technologies to deliver real business benefits ...

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The 3 Key Elements For Success Digital Transformation

Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 14.40.15.png

In our maintenance pyramid of excellence framework, Information management completes the control elements. This element is about how well we manage the information we produced and collected in the process of managing our maintenance, and also how well we utilize this information to enable . . .

Image by Stephen Dawson

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Maintenance Information Management

The impact of poor MRO materials supports is wide and deep. It ranges from the lost of valuable maintenance time to reduction of revenues. Improvement in materials management will improve the strategic advantage of your organizations ...


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MRO Materials Management

Image by Markus Spiske

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Maintenance Performance Measures

Tom Peters, the well-known management guru of Management Excellence said that if we want to have something done, be sure to put the proper measurement against it. He observed through a study that ...


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Maintenance Work Planning & Scheduling

It's amazing how many companies we see that are sure they are doing planning and scheduling, but when we dig under the surface we see that what they are actually doing is scheduling not planning. Or even worse ...

This guide helps maintenance organizations to get a snap shot of where they are at right now based on John Campbells Maintenance Excellence Pyramid of Excellence Model ...

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Maintenance Excellence ; Quick Assessment Guide

Image by Pandu Agus Wismoyo

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Introducing Maintenance Task Analysis

Maintenance Task Analysis (MTA) is an asset maintenance strategy optimization method that utilizes the same principle as RCM2. In the hands of properly trained individuals, MTA is a very cost-effective method to

shutterstock_796288390 small.jpg

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The Case for RCM For Organization in Indonesia

Along with the advancement of technology and its application in physical assets, more and more the performance of companies in Indonesia is dependent on the reliability of their physical assets. The performance of physical effects ...

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To keep you abreast of recent events and developments we have collected a number of news articles and stories. News events include developments in the industry or field of practice, client success stories sharing the learning, or upcoming training events and conferences that maybe of interest.

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Who Own Reliability in Your Company ?

Have you undertaken a Business Improvement initiative but find it hard to make the changes "stick", or perhaps you are just about to embark on your journey to Operational Excellence?

Quite often it is the Maintenance function that initiates the need for improved Reliability, they often make great strides in terms of getting all the necessary failure analysis and maintenance systems in place but still struggle to see any benefits ...

TPM LEAN Course.png


Finding It Hard To Make a Business Improvement Sustain?

Tom Peters, the well-known management guru of Management Excellence said that if we want to have something done, be sure to put the proper measurement against it ...



What Gets Measured Gets Done



How Do You Support Maintenance Effectively ?

It is a well-known fact that maintenance cannot be fully effective without the support of good materials management practice. Have you ever been in the situation where you and your crew were all ready to complete ...



Have You Tried Planning ?

Maintenance organizations with good asset maintenance strategy (also known as maintenance tactics), will accomplish nothing if it doesn't have a proper planning process. Imagine a situation where you have successfully identified, through your elaborate predictive maintenance technologies that ...

A world class coal mining company in Indonesia recently commenced their journey for continuous business improvement using a simple 9-steps methodology. Their 6 pilot improvement project teams have gained success in achieving their targets. So far, in less than 6 months, they have achieved more than US$15 million in savings! ...



Big Cost Saving in Difficult Situation



Getting Ready For The Future

Many maintenance organizations are taking this opportunity of reduced production demand, to actually improve their overall performance. This is more than simply cleaning up the Work Order (WO) backlog or cleaning up their workspace (although both are also quite important) ...



Surviving & Excelling In The Global Crisis 

As you are aware, the current downturn in the global economy has forced many plants around the world to shut down their operation. Many of those lucky ones that are still operating ...

If you are experiencing reliability or availability problem and struggling to improve your condition and you feel as though you are always in fire fighting mode with regards to equipment breakdowns, or if your emergency work order is creeping above 5% of your total work order ...

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