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Maintenance & Reliability Improvement

Shifting paradigm from reactive to proactive 

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Improving maintenance & reliability functions effectively requires organisations to understand the concept of Maintenance Excellence and the holistic concept of Asset Management.

Maintenance Excellence

Maintenance Excellence is many things done well. It’s plant performance, product quality, asset reliability, maintenance cost versus budget, service levels, inventory turnover, etc. In order to achieve Maintenance Excellence, any organisation MUST pre-requisitely build an effective maintenance management practice as part of the Asset Management System which are aligned to Asset Management good practice.


As defined in the ISO55000: “asset management system is a set of interrelated and interacting elements of an organization, whose function is to establish the asset management policy and asset management objectives, and the processes needed to achieve those objectives.


In this context, the elements of the asset management system should be viewed as a set of tools, including the policies, plans, business processes and information system, which are integrated to give assurance that the asset management activities will be delivered. 

To build an effective maintenance management practice requires establishing the fundamental building blocks of leadership, control, and continuous improvement. Within each of these blocks are elements at which an organization must excel.



"to build an effective maintenance management practice requires establishing the fundamental building blocks of leadership, control, and continuous improvement."


Relogica assists various organizations throughout Indonesia and abroad to improve their bottom line performance by supporting them in the drive to achieve maintenance excellence relevant to their business objectives.


We focus our collection of applicable tools & methodology into solution sets to improve their asset management system specifically in the maintenance function, reliability function, warehouse / spares management function and their interaction.  


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Maintenance & Reliability

Trainings & Courses

What better way to truly understand Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) than to learn in the very course developed by the world renowned RCM guru John Moubray. We are licensed by Aladon (a global network of Reliability Practitioners originated by John Moubray) to deliver this world leading course in Indonesia

RCM II Introductory


Have you just been told that you have to improve reliability? Are you struggling to understand what does reliability improvement really involves? Or are you just feeling frustrated that your reliability effort is not being supported by the right elements in your organizations? Trying to change your organizational culture is often challenging, but ...

The Reliability Game


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Our Experiences

The very large fertilizer manufacturer Client wished to undertake an overall Asset Performance Management improvement program. Engaged by the client as the consulting partner for the overall Asset Performance Management implementation, through implementing the APM software for monitoring asset performance . . .


Hand-held Inspection Device as a Part of  Asset Performance Management Implementation

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Our Ideas

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View Points

Maintenance Work Planning & Scheduling

It's amazing how many companies we see that are sure they are doing planning and scheduling, but when we dig under the surface we see that what they are actually doing is scheduling not planning. Or even worse ...



Who Own Reliability in Your Company ?

Have you undertaken a Business Improvement initiative but find it hard to make the changes "stick", or perhaps you are just about to embark on your journey to Operational Excellence?

Image by Fredy Jacob


Asset Data Integrity is Serious Business

A vast and growing amount of data is being accumulated in businesses today. Yet many people in business intuitively know there is not a corresponding improvement in reliable information on which to base good decisions ...

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