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On hands coaching and mentoring for excellence 

Our Service

Operations Management Excellence enables our clients to reduce costs, increase capacity and efficiencies, improve operating margins, and enhance cash flow; using LEAN and TPM methodology, to eliminate waste in their processes by engaging all employees toward a culture of excellence.

We have a successful track record of implementing real change in the area of operations through Continuous Improvement principles which delivered very significant business benefits in term of production increase and cost savings. The business benefits are all realized by the client's own people working in team, solving problems systematically with our guidance through the operations improvement program.


Our program is proven to be sustained over the longer term. Long after the consulting team has disbanded, our clients have the necessary process and mechanism in place to sustain and continue the operational improvement programs so as to become the “normal way” of doing their work.

What differentiates Relogica is that we are able to do all of the programs in the ‘language’ that ensures effective communication and understanding by all parties. Our strong track record of delivering improvement programs in the Indonesia environment will greatly assist your company in ensuring long term objectives of building the skills and knowledge of the workforce are achieved.


This is where we “excel”, putting ideas into action and the effective knowledge transfer to the client employees. We understand the culture, the working style both present and future, we can help ensure that this future is realized by being able to demonstrate, train and communicate in the most effective manner.


Our operations improvement team assists clients to identify and implement operations improvements. They work collaboratively with the client team not only to address technical issues but also to address the leadership and people aspects, since for us this is where the true key to sustainability is found, by fundamentally challenging the management systems and behaviors so as to sustain the technical improvements.

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Operations Excellence


Provides a basis for your maintenance organisation to understand where you at against good maintenance management practices and to develop a comprehensive maintenance improvement program . . .

Operations Excellence Assessment


The quality management system is one of the key management processes to be built in any organization to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer, statutory and regulatory requirements ...

Quality Management Assessment and Improvement Program

Performance Management is a continuous process: establish targets, identify performance barriers, plan to overcome barriers, execute plan, monitor progress / performance indicators, evaluate performance, rewards sanctions. Establishing an effective performance management process. . .

Performance Management Improvement

We have in-depth experiences of how companies realise change within the Indonesian environment.  Using our Change Management methodology, we help companies account for the unique challenges faced when trying to implement real business improvement ...

Change Management Program

The business improvement strategy refers to the vision, goals and set of steps that will enable an organisation's processes to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by addressing inefficiencies, waste, plant and asset condition, and culture...

Business Improvement Strategy

A program that delivers sustainable business benefits, realizing direct production increase and cost savings, by empowering your teams to address any losses in their day-to-day operations ...

Continuous Improvement Program Implementation


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Like to discuss how we can help you ?

Please contact us for more information

Operations Excellence


A two  full-day interactive workshop to learn how to unleash the full potential of your people, equipment and processes as you strive for World Class Performance . . .

TPM-LEAN Introduction Workshop


Unleashing the potential of your people by creating an environment that supports and nurtures formal continuous improvement . . .

Improvement Facilitator Course & Facilitator Development Program


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Our Experiences

Dryer Operations is facing challenges when parameter set for the burner is not yet in the best performance. Dryer is also facing new problem caused by build up inside burner chamber. This project is expected to reduce build up formation in the burner chamber  and get the best burner operations . . .



Reduce Dryer Production Loss in Nickel Processing Plant 

Sulfur emission is a long time challenge for Indonesia largest nickel mining and processing, and it's occurred from unwell mixed between sulfide material and calcine with compounded by gas suction system didn't work properly. Reducing of 49% emissions achieved through . . .



Sulphur Emission Reduction in Nickel Processing Plant

Starting from reactive culture continuously in fire-fighting approach, tire section in our mining client has transformed to be a main player in terms of continuous improvement in the company. many improvements made and creating a significant change to proactive problem solving and improvement approach . . .



Changing Culture through Continuous Improvement

Integrating cross-functional and workplace improvement in Continuous Improvement Program will create a strong foundation for a work culture that is more positive, more productive and creates safer environment . . .



Sustaining CI through Small Improvement Initiatives

Improvement program within screening station area in the largest Nickel Mining Company in Indonesia involved more than 100 employees directly and indirectly. They have successfully executed 7 improvement projects and able to deliver benefits... 

shutterstock_1398989372 SS Conveyor.jpg


Continuous Improvement at Screen Station Area

Our Ideas

Infographic presentation of a real and successful CI program to increase production and reduce losses by establishing stable and continuous operations by engaging employees to be involved in continuous improvement activities using systematic PDCA problem solving approach. ...

Image by Isaac Smith


Infographic: Continuous Improvement Program



Continuous Improvement in the Largest Indonesian Coal Mining

With Relogica assistance, one of the largest Indonesian coal mining company has started their new journey to performance improvement. The structure and infrastructure have been established. Cross-functional improvement teams are running big dollar saving projects . . .


View Points

Business Performance Improvement Project

A world-class coal mining company in Indonesia recently commenced their journey for continuous business improvement using a simple 9-steps methodology ...

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