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Operations Excellence Assessment Program

Establish and accelerate your Operational Excellence initiatives with an in-depth, unbiased assessment of your organization’s current capabilities and opportunities.


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Operation Excellence is a state when efforts and actions throughout the entire organization are aligned to achieve desired outcomes for all stakeholders and are supported by a corporate culture unified through a commitment to continuous improvement.

We provide operation excellence assessment to help organizations geared towards achieving sustained profitability by aligning operational activities and improvement priorities with strategic objectives of the organization, improving performance management system to build culture toward overall performance while also empowering employees to relentlessly and effectively solve the operational problem using continuous improvement approach.

Assessment Objectives


  • To provide a baseline of the current situation your operational organization based on the Operations Excellence framework.

  • To provide a gap analysis that highlights the strengths and areas for improvement within the organization.

  • To establish a roadmap and guide to create an improvement plan, specifically targeting those areas that the business itself indicates a need for improvement that links directly to that business objectives and strategies.

  • To provide a focus for the improvement, gather attention and support from management, and creates a momentum for progress throughout the organization.

Assessment Methodology

The assessment is conducted through:


  • A series of interviews and discussions with the personnel from all positions in the operations organization and representatives from other areas such as maintenance, engineering, safety, environment, IT, general support and contractors.

  • Extensive onsite observations.

  • Analysis of relevant operation performance data and work process data.

  • Review of relevant documents provided by the operation organization to establish baseline performance. 

  • For each element, the performance is compared, scaled, and evaluated against good practice in the Operation Excellence Framework to understand the areas in which it needs to improve in order to achieve excellence.

  • Finally, a feedback workshop is conducted to describe the findings from the assessment and provide recommendations for the improvement opportunities. 

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 10.38.23.png

Figure : Operations Excellence Pyramid

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