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Our Trainings

World-Class Training to develop your team's capabilities

For change to be successful, a significant investment is required to develop your people  in the new skills and techniques required to support your improvement initiatives.

We have assembled a number of recognised training courses delivered by certified trainers to assist your people development programs, specifically targeted at maintenance and operations personnel. All of our training courses are suitable for use as parts of large consulting engagements and as stand-alone training delivered either in-house or to "public" audiences.

Operations Improvement Training

A two full-day interactive workshop to learn how to unleash the full potential of your people, equipment and processes as you strive for World Class Performance.

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
Introduction Workshop

Developing your internal capability to grow your business improvement program and unleash the potential of your people by creating an environment that supports and nurtures formal continuous improvement.


Improvement Facilitator Course & Facilitator Development Program

Cascade Hoshin.png

Hoshin Kanri Strategy Management Framework

Hoshin Kanri helps organizations align functions and activities to strategic objectives vertically and horizontally, from the CEO to the front line and across departments. Therefore, every team member understands how their role contributes to the organization’s strategic objectives. As a result, it gives meaning to their work and motivates them toward higher performance. 


Maintenance Training

This course explores the elements required to achieve maintenance management excellence. It is the framework firstly developed by John Campbell in the original edition of the best selling maintenance book Uptime...


Maintenance Management


To be successful in initiating and maintaining reliability improvement process, any organizations must clearly understand its priorities and focuses for the improvements. One of the most common tools used for this purpose, is the equipment or system criticality assessment ...


Asset Prioritizations ; Criticality Assesment

Do you feel our maintenance organization is always short on resources? Work orders keep coming but not very many seems to get done? The work order priority system gets abused? It seems that all requests are inappropriately labeled high priority...


Maintenance Planning & Scheduling


Are you struggling to understand what does reliability improvement really involves? Or are you just feeling frustrated that your reliability effort is not being supported by the right elements in your organizations? Trying to change your organizational culture is often challenging, but can also be rewarding ...


Reliability Game


How good is your spares management? How often have you identified the need to replace components for your asset only to find the spares are not available? This situation would normally result in an unnecessary increase of downtime. This course revisit the objective of holding spares and ...


Reliability Centered Spares (RCS) Introductory


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Reliability Training

What better way to truly understand Reliability Centered Maintenance than to learn in the very course developed by the world-renowned RCM guru John Moubray. We are licensed by Aladon (a global network of Reliability Practitioners originated by John Moubray) to deliver this world-leading course in Indonesia.


RCM Introductory


This in-depth RCM training is for those destined to be RCM analysts facilitating the RCM process.  It is offered to clients who are implementing RCM and requiring the use of their own facilitators. This course is designed to develop the skills of your staff...


RCM Advance Course For Facilitator and Reliability Leaders

Maintenance Task Analysis (or short MTA) is an alternative work identification method used to supplement the deployment of RCM methodology. It is mainly used to optimize asset maintenance strategy for non critical assets...


Maintenance Task Analysis

Many people working in maintenance function in various industries have probably heard about this wonderful discipline or tools called Reliability Engineering. How it is “suppose” to be able to help us understand our assets behavior...


Basic Reliability Engineering Concept and Application for Maintenance  


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