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Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

Increase your maintenance productivity significantly

Do you feel our maintenance organization is always short on resources? Work orders keep coming but not very many seem to get done? The work order priority system gets abused? It seems that all requests are inappropriately labeled as a high priority. Worse, the emergency incident numbers are up from every section of the plant... Plant integrity is deteriorating rapidly as results of inadequate PM execution and those temporary jobs completed in haste.

All due to resource constraints. On top of that, your maintenance costs keep on increasing... If any of those symptoms describe the conditions in your maintenance organization, then you need to attend this training program.

Please download this brochure below to learn more about this training program and why your integrated CMMS, your sophisticated condition monitoring tools, or your reliability program may prove to be useless.

This 2-day course course can be held publicly or in-house. Please check our events calendar for public course schedule

Like to know more about our training programs?

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