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Optimize the asset's reliability and operations performance

Petrochemical Industry


It is a great opportunity for petrochemical companies to promote productivity through process and technology advances, as well as optimizing operation with digital technology

Petrochemical facilities are constantly under pressure to optimise its production throughout. Requiring highest availability and reliability performance from the maintenance function. We have supported numerous petrochemical organisations in improving their performance thru various programs.

From the wholesome organisational effectiveness assessement, to identifying the best method to clasify criticality of their assets and equipment, to the development of maintenance strategies for their assets, and development of best practice maintenance work management, reviewing and analyzing spares policy.

Combining our deep knowledge on the operations and maintenance excellence in the industry with our capability in providing digital technology applications we could assist petrochemical organizations accelerate their journey to excellence. 

How Relogica can help you ?

Operations Management Excellence enables our clients to reduce costs, increase capacity and efficiencies, improve operating margins, and enhance cash flow; using LEAN and TPM methodology, to eliminate waste in their processes by engaging all employees toward a culture of excellence. 

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Operational Improvement 

Improving maintenance & reliability functions effectively requires organisations to understand the concept of Maintenance excellence and the holistic concept of Asset Management.

Power plant for Industrial Estate at twi

Maintenance & Reliability 

Delivering successful real change and business benefits and that without one of the elements the program is in danger of failing to deliver the full business benefits with 3 core elements ; technology solution, people and management system.


Digitalization Improvement

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Our Experiences

Unscheduled breakdowns disrupt production processes in many of petrochemical plants. To stop this condition, they wishes to ensure the success of its reliability improvement program through implementation of the needed proactive maintenance process.  

This process includes the management of indicator collection activities, the management of equipment indicators big data as well as the management of the resulting alerts / alarm to enable timely identification of the required work order ...



Development Proactive Maintenance Process at Petrochemical Industry



Excellence in maintenance truly requires that you have good control over your maintenance activities. As depicted in our maintenance excellence framework, to get good control of your maintenance activities, you need to be in command of the 5 control elements ...

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Are You Doing The Right Maintenance ?


Our Clients

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Maintenance is about preserving physical assets. True? Wrong! this paper illustrates the changing of many paradigms in the maintenance world ; attempts to summarize fifteen of the most important areas of change which have occurred in the field of physical asset maintenance ...

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Maintenance Management - A New Paradigm



Introduction to RCM II

This paper by John Moubray – author of the widely popular RCM version: RCM II, was published in 1999. In this paper, John illustrates the evolution and changing world of maintenance which set in motion the development of a method known as Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) ...

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