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Combining our Lean approach with

the application of technology and advanced analytics

Others Industry


Combining our Lean approach with the application of advanced digital technology, we could help companies in the service & manufacturing industry to improve efficiency, tackle supply chain issues, and increase service quality. 

In the last 10 years services sector in Indonesia grew significantly high. We look at the industry as a large potential to be supported with the operational and supply chain improvement. The industry treats services as intangible products with customer experience, cost efficiency, and effectiveness through operational excellence are the key drivers for success. 


Those can be achieved by establishing continuous improvement at scale through management systems, culture, and capabilities building.


Our Lean and Operational Excellence methodology helps engaging all of the people to deliver more for customers, building stronger capabilities, finding better ways of working, and renewing a sense of common purpose by focusing on the customer, eliminating waste, enhancing transparency, creating a culture that drives continuous improvement, and utilizing the advanced digital technology to accelerate the pace of innovations.

How Relogica can help you ?

Operations Management Excellence enables our clients to reduce costs, increase capacity and efficiencies, improve operating margins, and enhance cash flow; using LEAN and TPM methodology, to eliminate waste in their processes by engaging all employees toward a culture of excellence. 


Operational Improvement 

Improving maintenance & reliability functions effectively requires organisations to understand the concept of Maintenance excellence and the holistic concept of Asset Management.

Pipeline and pipe rack of petroleum indu

Maintenance & Reliability 

Delivering successful real change and business benefits and that without one of the elements the program is in danger of failing to deliver the full business benefits with 3 core elements ; technology solution, people and management system.


Digitalization Improvement

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Our Experiences

We were engaged by IBM to provide assistance to their Mining Industry client who was undertaking a Digital Transformation. The scope of services we provided included: Industry expertise for the digital roadmap development, validating the potential opportunities for the adoption of digital technologies within the Mining Industry ...

Image by Dominik Vanyi


Digital Transformation Road Map for Mining

Our client which is a long-time player in skin care and plaster market in Indonesia was facing a problem with their sales volume that was shrinking in three years. On average, only 30% of their 35,000 outlets across Indonesia buying their products each month. Even only 16% of the outlets buying skin care brand ...

Investment Chart


Route to Market ; Sales and Distribution Transformation 





The Reliability Handbook

The handbook discusses the evolution of reliability in maintenance, how to assess your operation, reliability centered maintenance concept, dealing with uncertainty as well as optimizing your condition based maintenance.

The impact of poor MRO materials supports is wide and deep. It ranges from the lost of valuable maintenance time to reduction of revenues. Improvement in materials management will improve the strategic advantage of your organizations ...

auto parts

View Points

MRO Materials Management

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 23.54.10.png


TPM3 & Six Sigma ; Similiarities & Differences

This is an interesting research paper that highlighted several high level similarities between TPM3 and Sigma. Due to both the similarities and the differences, TPM3 can enhance any existing Six Sigma


Our Clients

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