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The potential to achieve breakthrough is now coming within mining industry

Mining Industry


We have helped many major mining companies in Indonesia and overseas improving their productivity, asset utilization and reliability through our proven world class methodologies while also transferring the know-how to our clients.

Safety, productivity, and efficiency are the top challenges in the mining companies. Many productivity and efficiency improvement initiatives have been focused on cost-cutting, which has led to short-term results but unsustainable in the long run.

Mines today have access to large amounts of data related to operations. The challenge is to find ways to interpret this data into meaningful information that they can use to make accurate and effective decisions, both the strategic and day-to-day decision makings. This is where embracing new digital technologies would open enormous opportunities for safety, productivity, and cost efficiency improvement leap. 


The potential to achieve such a breakthrough is now coming within the industry’s reach through digital and technology innovations that transform key aspects of mining which are now available and affordable in operational scale across the mining industry.

How Relogica can help you ?

Operations Management Excellence enables our clients to reduce costs, increase capacity and efficiencies, improve operating margins, and enhance cash flow; using LEAN and TPM methodology, to eliminate waste in their processes by engaging all employees toward a culture of excellence. 


Operational Improvement 

Improving maintenance & reliability functions effectively requires organisations to understand the concept of Maintenance excellence and the holistic concept of Asset Management.

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Maintenance & Reliability 

Delivering successful real change and business benefits and that without one of the elements the program is in danger of failing to deliver the full business benefits with 3 core elements ; technology solution, people and management system.


Digitalization Improvement

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Our Experiences

Sulfur emission is a long time challenge for the company, the largest nickel mining and processing in Indonesia. Sulfur is added at the end of nickel ore reduction process in kiln. Excessive sulfur emission...



Reducing sulfur emission in nickel minning industry

Starting from reactive culture continuously in fire-fighting approach, tire section in our mining client has transformed to be a main player in terms of continuous improvement in the company. many improvements made and creating a significant change to proactive problem solving and improvement approach.



Optimization of dryer burner operation in nickel mining industry

We were engaged by the client to provide change management services to support their digital transformation program. We delivering change management program ; building the case for change, organization capacity building, change impact assessment, training workshop, sustainability audit program and overall communication program.

Image by Dominik Vanyi


Digital transformation for heavy equipment distributor

We were engaged by IBM to provide assistance to their Mining Industry client who was undertaking a Digital Transformation. The scope of services we provided included:

Industry expertise for the digital roadmap development, validating the potential opportunities for the adoption of digital technologies within the Mining Industry.

Image by Dominik Vanyi


Digital Transformation Road Map for Mining

Starting from reactive culture continuously in fire-fighting approach, tire section in our mining client has transformed to be a main player in terms of continuous improvement in the company. many improvements made and creating a significant change to proactive problem solving and improvement approach.

Image by Goh Rhy Yan


Changing Work Culture Through Continuous Improvement Program

Integrating Cross Functional Improvement and Workplace Improvement in Continuous Improvement Program will create a strong foundation for the company resulting in a work culture that is more positive, more productive and creates safer environment.

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Maintaining Sustainability Through Implementaion of Small Improvement

We were engaged by IBM to provide Industry and Digital expertise as part of a Digital Transformation of one of the largest Equipment Distributors in Indonesia. The range of services we provided included working with the IBM Data Scientist team to successfully develop a machine learning predictive model that can predict the remaining life of major components for Mining Mobile Equipment.​



Predictive Machine Learning Model for Mining Equipment Major Component Remaining Life


Improvement program within screening station area in the largest Nickel Mining Company in Indonesia involved more than 100 employees either directly and indirectly. They have successfully executed 7 improvement projects and able to give benefit both tangibly and intangibly. 

shutterstock_1398989372 SS Conveyor.jpg


Continuous Improvement at Screen Station Area


Best Plan, execution, control, and ensuring the program's sustainability are the best part of achieving the best Continuous Improvement strategy. We deliver the best experience for implementing Continuous and improve their performance. 

Image by Isaac Smith


Infographics Continuous Implementation Programs


It shares the experiences of a small group of miners taking their first steps on their TPM3 Journey to Excellence. It is not just about maintenance; it is about ...



TPM3 Journey to Excellence ;

Mining Case Study

A world class coal mining company in Indonesia recently commenced their journey for continuous business improvement using a simple 9-steps methodology. Their 6 pilot improvement project teams have gained success in achieving their targets. So far, in less than 6 months, they have achieved more than US$15 million in savings! ...



Big Cost Saving in Difficult Situation


Our Clients

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