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Digital Transformation for Heavy Equipment Distributor

We were engaged by the client to provide change management services to support their digital transformation program. The change management program included :

Building the Case For Change, we prepared a scenario based communications materials and these were delivered through a series of workshops and communication forums covering all key stakeholders, including all Branch and Site management across Indonesia

Compelling Vision, working with the core Digitalization team we conducted a change vision workshop to ensure that each of the various workstream project teams had a common overall vision of the transformation program as well as a clear understanding of how their specific workstreams aligned and supported the overall vision

Organization Capacity Building, while the client had already assigned a core team and teams for each workstream, it became apparent that new skills would be required, these included Data Scientists, UI/UX designers, Data engineers, App Developers and programmers. We assisted the client in the selection and onboarding process so as to ensure the new team members were effectively engaged with the program. In addition a Digital Rollout team was appointed to ensure the effective deployment and adoption to the various sites across Indonesia, a number of experienced personnel from the various operational and maintenance roles were assigned, we developed a comprehensive “onboarding” program so as to quickly get the team up to speed on what is Digital Transformation, how it will impact the business as well as the technical content of the various workstreams. We also provided hands on training on change readiness assessment and sustainability audit methodologies and tools for the Roll out team.

Change Impact Assessment, for each of the specific workstreams we trained the client team in how to undertake a change impact assessment so as to be able to identify any potential change barriers before the deployment of any new solutions. The results of this change impact assessment where used to develop stakeholder management, communications and training plans and actions

Training Workshops, for those changes that resulted in significant changes to the way the work was done, working closely with the client HQ SDM department, we facilitated many hands on training sessions to ensure that key user groups were able to effectively performed the new tasks.

Sustainability Audit program, for each of the workstream teams we identified the key changes and developed a sustainability audit framework, including KPI’s, key control points etc.

Overall Communications Program, supporting all of the above activities we also developed and executed an overall communications strategy and plan, this was aimed at building awareness in the early stages and in later stages to mobilizing commitment, through a series of communications channels using various media from Video’s, bulletins, email blast, comic’s for delivering key messages to mechanics and operators.


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