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Our Industries

Deep Understanding

Our team have a deep understanding of capital-intensive industries.

We understand the unique challenges companies face in these Industries. In fact many of our teams are experienced practitioners having previously worked in various functions within these industries before joining Relogica



We have helped many major mining companies in Indonesia and overseas improving their productivity, asset utilization and reliability through our proven world class methodologies while also transferring the know-how to our clients.
Oil & Gas

Ensuring safe and reliable operations is

critical and we work with our clients to constantly improve asset reliability through the adoption of new ideas and technologies.

We have worked with many petrochemical companies in Indonesia and abroad, instituting best practices on maintenance and reliability management Our world renowned best practice tools from our global partners around the world ensure successful improvement program.
We work with our clients to address
issues related to productivity and 
reliability, so as maximize OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness of their plants. 
Ensuring safe and reliable operations is critical and we work with our clients to constantly improve equipment reliability through the adoption of new ideas and technologies. 
In the last 10 years services sector in Indonesia grew significantly high. We look at services industry as a potential market for our consulting business.
Combining our Lean approach with the application of advanced internet and analytics technology we could help
companies in the industry to improve operational efficiency, tackle logistics issues, and improve service quality.  

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Our Clients

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