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Improve equipment reliability through the adoption of new ideas and technologies

Power Industry


Power Company CEO’s are confronted with a range of challenges from Renewables and Disruptive technologies but also more immediate challenges of how to maintain an aging plant to achieve reliability operations, and compliance with increasing environmental standards. How they respond will be critical to the success of the business in the future.

Once the key foundations of high reliability has been achieved, the power plants need to consider how can they achieve high levels of flexibility and agility, including ramp rate, start-up and shut down capabilities and the ability to operate at lower loads so that they are better positioned to adapt to varying demand. With the advances in the Internet of Things (IoT), Power companies are now able to collect more sensor data and help operators better understand how the plant works to create savings and manage assets more effectively.

How to ensure that the existing plants are optimally maintained is further compounded by the aging of the skilled workforce who have gained deep experience of the plant, how can we “harvest” this knowledge for the next generation of maintenance teams. One approach has been to introduce a formal reliability process that not only determines the optimum maintenance policies but also captures the knowledge and experience of the senior maintenance crews so that it can be utilised by the next generation of maintenance teams.


In addition the implementation of cross-functional improvement teams involving operations, maintenance and engineering to ensure that root causes to operating issues are identified and addressed, so as to avoid future potential performance and environmental issues.


"..enhanced asset health monitoring and data analytics for improved predictive maintenance decisions"


Utilising solutions such as Digital Twin technologies and advance analytics supported by a structured approach to achieving improved levels of Asset Reliability through determining the optimum maintenance tactics, the work management processes for execution, enhanced asset health monitoring and data analytics for improved predictive maintenance decisions. 


We believe, that whilst there are very real challenges facing the industry, that for those companies who respond proactively there are significant opportunities to increase asset reliability, environmental compliance and at the same time reduce overall operating expenditure.

How Relogica can help you ?

Operations Management Excellence enables our clients to reduce costs, increase capacity and efficiencies, improve operating margins, and enhance cash flow; using LEAN and TPM methodology, to eliminate waste in their processes by engaging all employees toward a culture of excellence. 

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Operational Improvement 

Improving maintenance & reliability functions effectively requires organisations to understand the concept of Maintenance excellence and the holistic concept of Asset Management.

Power plants that supply Java and Bali e

Maintenance & Reliability 

Delivering successful real change and business benefits and that without one of the elements the program is in danger of failing to deliver the full business benefits with 3 core elements ; technology solution, people and management system.


Digitalization Improvement

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Our Experiences

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Hand-held Inspection Device as Part of Asset Performance Management Improvement

The very large fertilizer manufacturer Client wished to undertake an overall Asset Performance Management improvement program. Engaged by the client as the consulting partner for the overall Asset Performance Management implementation, through implementing the APM software for monitoring asset performance . . .

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Maintenance Improvement Strategy Development & Implementation

Following the success of the PM optimization program, we were retained by the client to provide assistance in developing an overall Maintenance Improvement Program. The initial steps were to prepare a high-level assessment which was used . . .



RCM2 Optimization of Asset Maintenance Tactics for a Large Power Plant in Indonesia

Engaged to assist the client with their initiative and began with an RCM2 pilot on a critical area of the plant, resulted in significant improvements in the Plant KPI’s and ensured that the knowledge of the maintenance crew as increased and the knowledge of the technical advisers was also captured and “institutionalized” in the new PM program . . .



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View Points

Introducing Maintenance Task Analysis

Maintenance Task Analysis (MTA) is an asset maintenance strategy optimization method that utilizes the same principle as RCM2. In the hands of properly trained individuals, MTA is a very cost-effective method to

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TPM3 - A Brief Overview in Bahasa Indonesia

Meraih World Class Performance yang berkelanjutan merupakan perjalanan tanpa jalan pintas. Anda perlu membangunnya dengan tahapan yang terstruktur, sistematis, tetapi tetap fleksibel. TPM3...



Introduction to Reliability Centered Spares

Reliability Centered Spares (RCS) is a methodology used to determine the most effective spares holding policy to support your maintenance practice. It balances the cost of maintaining spares in the warehouse with ...


Our Clients

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