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RCM2 Optimization of Asset Maintenance Tactics for a Large Power Plant in Indonesia

The client was the Operations and Maintenance organisation and part of a large international Power Generation company, the 2x600MW coal fired power plants been in operations for 2-3 years and while operations were achieving he contractual power supply agreements, the maintenance organization was concerned that minor interruptions to the smooth operations of the plant were occurring and that the backlog of maintenance work was increasing and this was putting pressure on the PM program. In addition, many of the maintenance team were not from the Power Industry and had little experience in maintaining such a plant and they were supported by a small number of expatriate technical advisors.


Management decided that they needed to both optimize the existing maintenance tactics which were based on the OEM recommendations, to ensure non-value adding PM’s were eliminated, and develop the maintenance teams understanding of the assets. We were engaged to assist the client with this initiative and began with an RCM2 pilot on a critical area of the plant, this resulted in significant improvements in both the PM tactics and the knowledge of the maintenance team, based on the success of the pilot we then developed a plant wide RCM program including the development of a core team of RCM facilitator who undertook a comprehensive training and mentoring program so that they could roll out the RCM2 program across the site.

This program resulted in significant improvements in the Plant KPI’s and ensured that the knowledge of the maintenance crew as increased and the knowledge of the technical advisers was also captured and “institutionalized” in the new PM program.

With this solid foundation in place a small number of the RCM facilitators were assigned to Reliability engineer positions so continuously enhance the PM program.

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