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RCM Introductory ; 3 Days Course

RCM has long been recognized as the fundamental element for improving reliability, have your key resources learnt and understood the principles of RCM correctly?


What better way to truly understand Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) than to learn in the very course developed by the world-renowned RCM guru John Moubray, whom under the guidance of Stanley  Nowlan, (the creator of the RCM methodology) has authored the world’s best selling RCM book to date. We are licensed by Aladon (a global network of Reliability Practitioners originated by John Moubray) to deliver this world-leading course in Indonesia. Our principal tutors were all trained and certified directly by the late John Moubray.

This training provides an overview and sufficient depth in RCM and its steps to enable participants to be effective in the RCM process as team members. Utilizing global standard course format, content and materials which all have undergone a 20 years period of continuous refinement, this course 
teaches RCM to the participants the way the author intended it to be taught.

Blending the right amount between lectures, group discussions and practical simulation using real life case studies and delivered by qualified and internationally certified RCM instructors, this course ensure effective understanding of the participants on how the methodology really works.

This highly interactive course is targeted at maintainers, planners, operators, supervisors
and superintendents or anyone else who are
likely to manage or participate in RCM projects as team members, auditors, or sponsors. It is an excellent course for companies who wish to know more about RCM or in the process of implementing RCM and want to educate their workforce on the RCM process, how it works and what it results in.

The approach taught
on the course conforms fully to the SAE JA 1011/12 standard on Evaluation Criteria for Reliability-Centered Maintenance Processes.


This training has been provided to more than 60,000 people in over 80 countries in almost every industrial sector.

This course is held regularly in public,please check our calendar of events for schedule. Alternatively, please contact us to arrange for a company In-House course.

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