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RCM - Advance Course For Facilitators and Reliability Leaders

Have you just been told that you have to improve reliability? Are you struggling to understand what does reliability improvement really involves? Or This in-depth RCM training is for those destined to be RCM analysts facilitating the RCM process.  It is offered to clients who are implementing RCM and requiring the use of their own facilitators. This course is designed to develop the skills of your staff so that they can confidently lead their own analyses. This course goes into greater detail than the 3-day course and expands on several key topics.  Through lectures, group exercises and several case studies delegates not only learn about RCM, they become proficient at it.  They are coached through actual facilitation exercises and real asset analyses so that they complete the course having experience in the facilitator roles. Completion of the RCM Basic 3 day  training is manadatory as a pre-requisite to this course.

This course is part of the Aladon Network Global RCM curriculum deployed in 80 countries. It has been refined and proven to successfully develop RCM leaders in various industries within the last 20 years. Delegates who successfully complete the course will be equipped with
the in-depth understanding of the RCM principles and the 45 skill sets required to facilitate RCM analyses. 


Please note that this course is the first of the 2-part program developed for reliability leaders. It is our experience that a continued hand holding / mentoring is required to ensure that the new facilitators are able to successfully complete their first analyses, producing high-quality asset maintenance strategies. The facilitator mentoring session (part 2 of this program) will be arranged individually with each new facilitator that has successfully completed the advanced course. 

Please contact us for more information on this course or the overall program are you just feeling frustrated that your reliability effort is not being supported by the right elements in your organizations? Trying to change your organizational culture is often challenging, but can also be rewarding. Sometimes, the real obstacle is that people have a hard time seeing the objective.


To help your team see the objectives, impacts, and how reliability improvement really works, we have designed a one-day reliability workshop where each participant will learn the impacts and the workings of reliability in an organization in a simulated way. This Reliability Simulation game demonstrates the value of proactive reliability practices and its positive effect on the bottom line. It is an educational and fun way to create a common understanding of your reliability business goals for your team. Your team would learn how to follow the money and further their understanding of the business potential of reliability and what it means to your business and bottom line.

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