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The Reliability Game

Understanding Proactive Culture




Have you just been told that you have to improve reliability? Are you struggling to understand what does reliability improvement really involves? Or are you just feeling frustrated that your reliability effort is not being supported by the right elements in your organizations? Trying to change your organizational culture is often challenging, but can also be rewarding. Sometimes, the real obstacle is that people have a hardtime seeing the objective.

To help your team see the objectives, impacts, and how reliability improvement really works, we have designed a one-day reliability workshop where each participant will learn the impacts and the workings of reliability in an organization in a simulated way. This Reliability Simulation game demonstrates the value of proactive reliability practices and its positive effect on the bottom line. It is an educational and fun way to create a common understanding of your reliability business goals for your team. Your team would learn how to follow the money and further their understanding of the business potential of reliability and what it means to your business and bottom line.

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