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Change Management


When an organization undertakes initiatives to improve performance, or to address key issues, they often do changes in their processes, organization structures, job roles or use of technology. Change management is the discipline that guides how to prepare, equip and support individuals to successfully adopt change in order to drive organizational success and outcomes. Change management provides a structured approach for supporting the individuals in organization to move from their own current states to their own future states.


Our structured Change Model has two main support activities and five critical steps to help our clients shifting from current state to expected improved state.


Leading Change. Successful change initiatives require strong and committed leadership throughout the entire project or process. We help ensuring your leadership clear vision and active commitment and support.


Changing System & structures. System and structure are required to support the change initiative. They should be adapted to support the improved state, to be able to identify and counter sources of conflict,  and to see individual behavioral change.

Creating Shared Need  is the key initial step validate Why the change is important and critical to do. It is important to build momentum needed to get the change initiative launched and to force any resistance or apathy to be addressed head-on


Shaping A Vision. Vision will steer people into the new direction. Vision answers the question “where do we want to be” with a clear statement about the improved state and the outcomes of the change.


Mobilising Commitment. It is important to get the right people in place who are fully committed to the change, well-respected within the organization, and have power and influence to drive the change effort at their levels.


Making Change Last, by creating a new, supportive, and sufficiently strong organizational culture. A supportive culture provides roots for the new ways of operating. In many cases, most of the effort is spent on launch of initiatives rather than embedding it. Changes to organizational systems and structures help make the change a natural part of the accepted ways of working


Monitoring Progress & Benefit. Measuring performance is a vital part of monitoring an organization’s progress. It comprises measuring the actual performance outcomes or results of an organization against its intended goals, tracking milestones, recording successes, handling risks and delivering results/benefits 

Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 10.57.37

Figure : Change Management Framework

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