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Asset Data Integrity is Serious Business

By Robert DiStefano and Stephen Thomas

A vast and growing amount of data is being accumulated in businesses today. Yet many people in business intuitively know there is not a corresponding improvement in reliable information on which to base good decisions. In fact, in many cases just the opposite is happening—despite more and more data, finding information that can be trusted is increasingly difficult.

than the subject of “data.” Nevertheless, the subject of data integrity is written about in business journals more often than many other seemingly more interesting topics. Furthermore, many surveys reveal more dullLet’s be honest. To many people, no business subject is
a growing concern among business executives related to the ability to take advantage of the reams of data that are being collecting.

If reading about data makes your eyes glaze over, we wrote this book for you. We’ve attempted to put the seemingly dull subject of data integrity in an interesting context and tried to make it come alive. Although we were excited about the subject of data before (call us unusual!), we are more excited now as a result of having written this text.

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 23.32.40.png

We hope that reading this text will help you become excited as well. Equally important, we hope you will find yourself in a better position to be able to do something about data integrity in your company.


This article is taken from the 1st chapter of the exciting new book "Asset Data Integrity is Serious Business".  We have obtained the permission to to invite you to down load the 1st chapter here.

For more information on the concept presented here, or if you would like to improve or assess the integrity of your EAM/CMMS data, please contact us.

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