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Who Own Reliability In Your Company ?

Quite often it is the Maintenance function that initiates the need for improved Reliability, they often make great strides in terms of getting all the necessary failure analysis and maintenance systems in place but still struggle to see any benefits.


One of the greatest challenges in realising improved reliability lies not within the Maintenance Division but also with Operations, quite often we hear Maintenance Managers asking "How do we get Operators to support our Reliability improvement?" However we believe the real key is how do we get Maintenance and Operations working together to improve Reliability, and to address the key challenges most organisation face of engaging Operators to have a "sense of ownership" for the their equipment.


Utilising the TPM3 approach we will show how to overcome the typical cross functional barriers and to develop "equipment competent" operators that understand their role and the importance of maintaining the Basic Equipment Condition.

During the training you will learn about the three underlying principles:


  • Holistic Measurement - how to drive people to focus on overall equipment performance

  • Work Place Ownership- how to build a sense of ownership and care for our equipment

  • Formal Continuous improvement - as a way of engaging everyone in the organisation to improve and building a culture that fosters innovation and improvement

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