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Building The Foundation
Maintenance Management Strategy Development

Establishing Asset Management Strategy (or also known as Strategic Asset Management Plan) is the foundation of any organisation's journey to Asset Management Excellence. It provides the necessary road map to reach the short and long term goals. A good Asset Management Strategy should be aligned with the overall organizational plans and business objectives, have a defined set of values reflected into the asset management policies, and have plans for developing Asset Management System and its relevant support.

To be realistic, an asset management system development plan must obviously include an understanding of where the current organization is at and an awareness of what the relevant best practices are. 

We believe it is crucial that a proven and effective approach be utilized when developing the right asset management strategy for your organisation. Using our proven framework, our consultants have assisted clients in developing asset management strategies and supporting their implementation.  

Our Approach
Our approach in assisting clients to develop an effective maintenance strategy follows three main activities. These are:


  1. The Maintenance Effectiveness Review (Diagnostic)

  2. Maintenance Strategy Development

  3. Strategy Implementation

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 13.59.44.png

The maintenance strategy provides guidelines for the maintenance organisations to achieve improvements. It will become the organisation's road map to achieve Maintenance Excellence.


Furthermore, as this work involves all key personnel, they would also improve their understanding of maintenance excellence, and thus, the resulting strategy and work plans would have greater
buy in across the organisation and hence a greater success in implementation.

Parts of this section are :

Maintenance Effectiveness Assessment ;
A Diagnostic To Understand Your Organizations Maturity
Maintenance Management Excellence Workshop: Establishing the Vision and Blueprint for the Future
Strategy Implementation

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Maintenance Excellence

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