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Maintenance Information Management

Are you managing information smartly? 

In our maintenance pyramid of excellence framework, Information management completes the control elements. This element is about how well we manage the information we produced and collected in the process of managing our maintenance, and also how well we utilize this information to enable more effective and efficient maintenance practices. 


The recent edition of the economists featured a comprehensive special report on managing information. In it, the economist argues that with current advancement in the information technologies, data are captured everywhere, everyday in almost all aspects of human endeavor. So information has gone from scarce to superabundant. The world now contains an unimaginably vast amount of digital information which is getting vaster ever more rapidly. This makes it possible to do many things that previously could not be done: spot trends, prevent diseases, combating crime, and, as the economist puts it, “predicts when equipments are going to fail” 

So, as advanced information technologies have become readily available for many maintenance organizations to utilize, the challenge should now become how to select the right and relevant data; and how to interpret those data into information and decision we can use to improve our processes and decision making. Sadly, this is not necessarily true for most maintenance organization in Indonesia. We see that many are still struggling defining, capturing, and validating the right data in their system. Let alone using these data to their benefit to speed up the maintenance workflow or even supporting the use of it in various analyses to enable better maintenance decisions.  

So, if good maintenance information management drives good and effective maintenance practice. This in turn enables company to become more profitable and stay competitive. Isn’t it time for you to ask whether you have good maintenance information management practices in your organization?


If you would like to know what good maintenance information comprise of, or where your organization stands, please download this paper.


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