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Introduction to RCM

(in Bahasa Indonesia)

Many Organizations in Indonesia is currently either planning to, or in the process of implementing RCM methodology. Although there are immediate benefit from an RCM implementation, maintenance organizations should also realize that to reap the full advantage of RCM is to recognize that reliability improvement is not a once-off program, but rather a continuous improvement journey. As with any other long term program, to ensure sustainability, the program should be supported by the whole organizations. From the top level executives down to grass root level.


As a matter of fact, it is very important to get the buy in from the grass root level as they will be the ones who will make reliability happen. As such, it is imperative that the concept of RCM and reliability are truly understood by them. Therefore, whether you are already engaged your organization in a reliability program or still planning for the reliability journey, our RCM Introduction paper in Bahasa Indonesia can surely benefit you and your program in ensuring the understanding of everybody within your organization of RCM and reliability concepts. 


“RCM – sebuah Pengenalan” is a direct translation of the “RCM – An Introduction” paper, written by the author of RCM II methodology John Moubray. To ensure accurate messages for the ideas presented in the paper, the translation is done by our RCM practitioners. Please help free to download this translation to help your organisation in its Reliability Journey. 


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