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Finding to Hards to Make Business Improvement Sustain ?

Have you undertaken a Business Improvement initiative but find it hard to make the changes "stick", or perhaps you are just about to embark on your journey to Operational Excellence? If so then you may benefit from attending our upcoming training workshop - Sustainable Business Improvement through LEAN.


From our experience in working with many organisations we encounter numerous clients that have made significant improvements in their performance, only to find that one year later things have begun to slide back to the "old way" of doing things, resulting in lost opportunities and frustrated employees and Management.


Our proven companywide improvement strategy promotes a positive behavior change of the whole workforce resulting in significant benefits for Customers, Employees and Shareholders.


Sustainable Business Improvement requires not just top down "deductive change" but also promotes bottom up "inductive change" by engaging and empowering the workforce to drive performance improvement within the workplace.

The LEAN principles are focused on reducing waste and thereby maximizing productive capacity by cost effectively maximizing the overall workplace effectiveness. This is achieved by developing a culture of continuous improvement with its philosophy, processes and people aligned to cultivate problem-solving.

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