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Getting Ready For The Future

Understanding our Maintenance Organization Current Maturity Level

The First Step in our Improvement Effort

Last month, we talked about the global financial crisis, how it impacted us, and how we should regain control of our maintenance costs. In this issue, we would like to share with you how some of our clients are actually getting ready for the future.

Many maintenance organizations are taking this opportunity of reduced production demand, to actually improve their overall performance. This is more than simply cleaning up the Work Order (WO) backlog or cleaning up their workspace (although both are also quite important).


Understanding the old adage that chances favor those who are prepared, smart maintenance organizations are setting improvement programs to improve their effectiveness in all maintenance management elements, and readying the whole organization for their better future. Which as the economists point out, is already around the corner for those plants in Indonesia.


Maintenance organizations in Indonesia who are ready and enlightened to move into a similar direction should understand that the critical first step before any improvement initiative is the understanding of where we currently are and where we want to be. This can be done by evaluating one's performance against any pre-establish framework as a benchmark.

Although there are many maintenance management frameworks which one can use for this purpose, we highly recommend the maintenance excellence framework explained in the best selling maintenance book "Uptime" by the late John D Campbell. 

To use a simplified version of our assessment guide to check the effectiveness of your maintenance organization please click here. This assessment was specifically developed based on the maintenance management excellence framework described in John Campbell's Uptime Book. A version of this assessment can also be found in the Maintenance Excellence Book by J.D. Campbell and Andrew K.S. Jardine. 

When you have completed your self assessment, if you are interested to participate in an Indonesian maintenance management benchmark study, please send us a note of interest here. We will contact you with the details and keep your organization name confidential. Following the completion of the study, you will be able to see how well your organization performs when compared to other maintenance organizations in Indonesia 


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