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Have You Tried Planning ?

Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

Two months into exploring the maintenance excellence framework, we have discussed about understanding the maturity of your maintenance organization, defining your maintenance strategy and developing the right maintenance tactics for your assets. In this issue, we will talk about realizing your maintenance tactics through a good work management process that is lead by good planning & scheduling process. 


Maintenance organizations with good asset maintenance strategy (also known as maintenance tactics), will accomplish nothing if it doesn't have a proper planning process. Imagine a situation where you have successfully identified, through your elaborate predictive maintenance technologies that a particular equipment is going to fail soon.


You have raised the work request but because there is no planner nor a planning process to properly plan for the repair job, the work was delayed or worse, forgotten! (No follow up) As a result, the imminent failure then lead to unscheduled equipment breakdown with hefty consequences suffered by the organization. 


Hence, your elaborate predictive maintenance routine as part of your superb maintenance tactics is all gone to waste. What is worse, because of the situation, maintenance trades working on other problems have may have to abandon their current task to attend this emergency. As a result, the emergency may result in other emergencies. And the vicious cycle of reactive maintenance continues. All this is because there is no planning! 

Maintenance organizations in this kind of situation works in erratic and un-coordinated manner which ultimately lead to reduction in effectiveness of the maintenance workforce. Study shows that when chaos like this reign, effective utilization of the workforce is reduced to a mere average of 28% and maintenance costs is increased by the factor of 3x - 15x. 

So, do you plan your maintenance work?

It's amazing how many companies we see that are sure they are doing planning and scheduling, but when we dig under the surface we see that what they are actually doing is scheduling not planning. Or even worse, all they are doing is actually just Work Order launching .... No planning and no schedule. As you can imagine, the results are not good. Everyone is chasing parts, jobs not completed on time, and forget about data collection from WO closing!


Hopefully, this doesn't sound like your organization, but if it does and you would like to double your effective utilization or increase your maintenance organization capacity by 100% without adding a single headcount, then please read on our article about good planning & scheduling process by clicking here


The article discusses the component of a good maintenance work management process and the characteristics of a good planning and scheduling process. Completing the reading, you should have a clearer understanding on whether your maintenance organizations actually have good planning & scheduling processes.

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