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Proactive Approach to Improving Plant & Equipment Performance

This paper describes TPM3 point of view for the need of proactive maintenance. It starts by describing the nature of failures where every failure always started with poor performance. Prior to poor performance we always get abnormality, and before the abnormality we will have accelerated deteriorations. Stopping accelerated deterioration requires us to be truly proactive in maintenance.


Studies have shown that 3 major physical conditions make up some of 80% of defects produced by our equipment which are: Looseness, Contamination, and Lack of Lubrication. The three major physical conditions is called “Basic Equipment Conditions”. Implementing periodical maintenance system before establishing basic equipment conditions frequently leads to failure before the next major service is due

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 12.39.41.png

The elimination of these three conditions is known as “establishing Basic Equipment Condition”. Once Basic Equipment Conditions have been established we find our normal distribution narrows some 80% and attempts to increase the life of our equipment is nothing but a smooth road. 

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