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The Case for Reliability Centered Maintenance for Organizations in Indonesia

Along with the advancement of technology and its application in physical assets, more and more the performance of companies in Indonesia is dependent on the reliability of their physical assets. The performance of physical affects the business in terms of operational costs, product quality, safety operation and compliance with environmental standards. As result, many companies are jumping on to the bandwagon to adopt reliability-based management techniques in their drive to search for an answer to improve reliability.


One that is gaining popularity in maintenance organizations in Indonesia is RCM. Sadly, many are hastily engaging their organizations to implement RCM only to find that the program did not deliver the expected benefit. 

Or worse, some programs were cancelled in the midst of implementation due to its difficulties. Most often, this happened because the organizations did not fully understand their needs and priority areas, or they were not ready, or they had improper understanding of what RCM is. 

Published in 2005 for the first Maintenance and Production Reliability Conference (MAPREC 2005 – Jakarta) This paper tries to examine this issue by re-visiting the 3 important factors crucial to the success of an RCM implementation program. These factors are: 

  1. The organization’s understanding of its needs and its readiness for RCM; 

  2. Understanding of what RCM is and is not; 

  3. Implementation approach and its critical success factors.


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