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Maintenance Excellence Assessment

The Maintenance Excellence Assessment provides a basis for your maintenance organisation to understand where you at against good maintenance management practices and to develop a comprehensive maintenance improvement program

Maintenance Excellence is many things done well, its about having the right strategy, translated into optimum maintenance tasks, executed through efficient and effective work management processes (including materials management processes) by skilled maintenance personnel delivering high quality workmanship. It also requires capturing meaningful data about the asset performance to ensure continuous improvement of the Maintenance Organisation, Tactics and Processes in order to deliver high performing, reliable assets to enable production achieves its target, and all done with the optimum costs.


  1. To establish the current performance baseline of your maintenance organisation based on the Maintenance Excellence framework.

  2. Identifies the areas that maintenance organization must address in its journey to achieve Maintenance Excellence.

  3. Developa comprehensive maintenance improvement program.

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Our proven Maintenance Excellence Framework addresses each of the critical elements for an organisation to achieve “excellence” in its Maintenance Function. The elements of the Maintenance Excellence Framework make up the fundamental building blocks of maintenance leadership, control of maintenance activities, continuous improvement in maintenance and quantum leap. Each element describes the attributes which an organisation must have to achieve Maintenance Excellence. To achieve Maintenance Excellence, organisations must first measure themselves against each element, then establish the level they want to be for each elements and finally develop and implement a plan to close the gap.


  1. A series of interviews with all positions in the maintenance organization, operations representative, and warehouse/inventory representative. 

  2. Analysing relevant asset performance data and maintenance work data.

  3. Reviewing relevant documents provided by the maintenance organization to establish baseline performance. 

  4. For each element, the performance is compared, scaled, and evaluated against good practice in the Maintenance Excellence Framework to understand the areas in which it needs to improve in order to achieve maintenance excellence.

  5. Finally, a feedback workshop is conducted to describe the findings from the assessment and provide recommendations for the improvement opportunities.

Best Suited

Any maintenance organization in the asset intensive industries like oil and gas, petrochemicals, mining, mineral processing, heavy transport, forestry, etc.

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