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Life Cycle Cost optimization tool help make the right repair or replace decisions

These tools are decision support applications to determine the optimum time at which assets should be replaced. Age-Con is for vehicles / fleets and Perdec is for machineries and equipments. It's other purposes include: 


  • To balance the decreasing cost of ownership with the increasing operations and maintenance cost

  • To find the lowest point on the total cost of ownership curve

  • Decision support tool for repair or replace

  • Applies statistical analyses to your assets for the purposes of optimizing maintenance replacement costs






  • Improved decision making, reduced cost

  • Shows the equivalent annual cost (EAC) curve (based on purchase price, operations and maintenance costs

  • Prompts the replacement decision at the lowest EAC

  • Determines the right Repair or Replace decisions

  • Monitor individual vehicles to identify the optimum replacement or disposable time

  • Predicts the cost curve based on on past data (where historic data exists)

  • Easy to use data entry screens requires little training

  • Easy to read graphical output show results at a glance

  • Simple graph export routine to show results in Power point, Excel, rtc.

  • Shows the cost impact of varying average running hours / usage 

  • Provides "what if" model for variances in taxes, inflation and discount rate

To download these information in brochure, please click the link here for Perdec (fixed equipment) and here for Age/Con (vehicle)


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