Do you recognize the symptoms of lack of maintenance management control in your organisation?

Maintenance excellence requires the effective management control of the core maintenance process

Achieving Control

There are still many maintenance organisations struggling everyday in varying degrees to make ends meet. Working in these organisations, the days would always feel too short and the activities done seem to have no positive benefit. Things breakdown out of control, constantly changing priorities of activities, and reports are in disarray. Have you ever noticed someone in your organisation say:

“We have just replaced that unit last month as part of our scheduled replacement program, why is it breaking down again?”

“Planned maintenance tasks are great but when do we have time to do them with all the breakdown & emergency WOs?”
“If only we had the right spare parts”
“How can we possibly improve when most of the time we are in emergency fire fighting state?”
“Our backlog is growing out of control, even with an already excessive overtime situation”
“Our maintenance costs are continually exceeding budget”

These are all symptoms of the maintenance organisation’s lack of control of their maintenance process. Many of the more acutely aware maintenance managers have recognized their problem but are still struggling to find the solution on how to get out from such state. To get out from this situation firstly requires the understanding of what constitutes control in the maintenance management context.

Achieving control means instituting and enabling the basic mechanism in your maintenance management to work effectively in controlling your core maintenance process to produce the intended objective. The core maintenance process encompasses three major activities of asset maintenance strategy formulation, asset maintenance work execution, and asset maintenance support. To effectively manage these activities also requires good performance and information management practice. Altogether, these are the fundamental elements that constitutes excellence in maintenance control.

Flowchart Achieving Control

We assist our clients to achieve excellence in controlling their maintenance process through the following services:
  Improving the capability of maintenance work identification through Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) methodology
  Improving the effectiveness in asset maintenance work management especially in planning, scheduling and work order management
  Improving the effectiveness of spares management policy through Reliability Centered Spares methodology
  Improving the effectiveness of performance management