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Maintenance organisations striving for excellence continuously improve their effectiveness such that they become coherent with their operation counterpart

Striving for excellence implies that the organisation is passionate on improving their performance beyond the basic maintenance management practice. This means implementation of continuous improvement processes as part of their maintenance management practice. The primary objective of any maintenance function is to achieve optimum asset availability. Since high availability is the combination of superior reliability and good maintainability, the continuous improvement processes should focus on improving these two aspects of asset maintenance. 










Ultimately, striving for excellence means that the organisation is continually scrutinizing and examining their maintenance activities effectiveness against the achievement of the global business objective for the whole organisation. From the maintenance organisation point of view it means synchronizing the maintenance activities such that they become coherent with the production / operation activities in producing the overall business benefit.


We help our clients instituting continuous improvement initiatives in:


Reliability focus improvement initiatives


Maintainability focus improvement initiatives

Asset optimization through Overall Asset Effectiveness



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