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Asset Management Plan

We help clients in establishing their cost-effective Asset management Plan. Encompassing detailed activities, resources, responsibilities, timescales, and risks identification for the achievement of the asset management objectives. 


To ensure sound asset management plan, we use the most robust failure management strategy formulation methodology, Reliability Centered Maintenance(RCM), as the basis for the plan development. 

RCM was first developed by the civil aviation industry. RCM II & RCM III are the more modern derivation and the most comprehensive RCM methodologies available. They have been developed and continuously refined by the late John Moubrayand his AladonNetwork to meet today’s changing environment. RCM II stands out amongst the numerous variants of RCM in its rigor (Comprehensiveness and Thoroughness).


RCM II also fully conforms to the SAE Standard JA1011, “Evaluation Criteria for Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Process”. For more information on this standard please visit RCM III addresses the element of Risk Evaluation complying to the ISO 31000 Risk Management Standards

RCM-II Process

RCM methodology is a thinking process used to determine what must be done to ensure that any physical asset continues to do what its users want it to do in its present operating context.

The process determines this through basic steps:


  • Define the Operating Context of the asset

  • Determine the asset’s functions;

  • Determine what constitutes failures of those functions;

  • Identify failure modes that cause those functional failures;

  • Identify the impacts or effects of the occurrence of those failures;

  • Identify the consequences with respect to hidden failures, safety, environment and operation

  • Use the RCM logic to select the appropriate maintenance tactics

  • Identify default actions where an appropriate proactive tactic cannot be found.


The RCM team documents the resulting maintenance program in a way that it can be audited and refined continually as further operating experience is gained.

RCM In Indonesia


Relogica holds the license for ALADON’s RCM II & RCM III methodologies in Indonesia and our consultants have extensive experience in implementing this best practice solution in Indonesia’s specific environment

Our Services



Our services in the development of asset management plan and RCM includes: 


  • Equipment Criticality Assessment and System Criticality Assessment

  • Contract facilitations for asset maintenance strategy development

  • Reliability function development program for client’s reliability analysis capability and in house RCM facilitator / analyst development which include

  1. RCM Introductory training programs for Team Members

  2. RCM Advanced training program for Reliability lead.

  3. Reliability Leaders Mentoring program

  • Maintenance tasks analyses for quick review of non critical asset maintenance strategy

  • Packaging of maintenance tasks and implementation support for routine maintenance planner


Relogica is the only Indonesian entity licensed to deliver RCM II to maintenance organisations in Indonesia

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Asset Management

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