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Building ISO Internal Audit Team

The client was a large industrial gas company and they were looking to build the competencies of their internal audit team.

The Relogica approach offers value from the audit process not only by knowledge transfer but also by assisting the client’s team put knowledge into practice through a customized mentoring process, thus delivering “real” value from the audit process. Our approach, method, and capabilities in assisting many companies in different type of industries enabled Relogica to recognize and create a customized and unique “ingredient” suited to equip the client’s internal audit candidate to maximize value from audit.


Our Approach


  • Understanding current state

Development of the internal audit program was started by understanding the current state – understanding of the team on ISO and relevant case, prior to the program being launched.


Identify and determine the team’s  understanding level on audit process by developing many audit case scenarios as a crucial step in developing an effective learning and coaching plan. 


  • Develop a framework plan

Development of framework plan is collaboration activities between Relogica and client’s team (or sponsor) to agree on the overall activities plan, from assessment, training process until coaching plan. This event is important in engaging team and obtain their full support and commitment.         

  • Execution 

Once the framework plan is agreed, Relogica together with client’s team executes the plan. Regular mentoring feedbacks are provided for client’s team in order to improve the effectiveness of the coaching process and optimize the client’s value from the audit process.

To derive value from the audit process, there are a number of key focus points :


  • Improving efficiency

  • Removing ineffective controls/bureaucracy

  • Resolving non-conformance problems

  • Reviewing effectiveness


Our Method


Our method is developed based on “process approach” audit. Process approach audit is an audit that is conducted by viewing any kind of audit subject as “a process”, for each process there is an input and output and all necessary steps within the process to ensure product/ service to satisfy audit criteria.

A turtle diagram below is guide  our process based audit approach :

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 22.38.15.png

When conducting an audit, at each of process, we would like to ensure how interactions among inputs are provided, how competence people are involved, how measurement is conducted until products or services are received by customer. By viewing as process we would be able to recognize any opportunities for effective and efficient process by confirming with evidences.

So, what are benefits of process audit approach along with documented information review? Below are several benefits  client’s experience by using this method :

  • Challenges current status quo

  • Stimulate new opportunities instead compliance

  • Quality is viewed as process chain instead product/service chain

  • Evidence based instead documented information validation based

  • Help to cultivate spirit of consistency among processes interaction 

As part of the development process, a systematic and structured evaluation and feedback form is developed by Relogica to ensure that we captured objective, fact based and constructive evaluation which is require for the internal audit candidate to recognize their strengths and weaknesses for their journey becoming competence  ISO auditor.


We have helped  our clients to equip their internal audit team  and transform the audit activity from “business as usual” or policing approach into an audit activity that is seen as value adding by the operations and has become an integral part of client’s business process.

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