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Continuous Improvement

Reliability Management

Once your organisation has gained control of your core maintenance functions, you would then need to ensure you are managing your reliability function properly. In some organisations, this is done by the same maintenance organisation. However, in many large organisations with complex asset system, the function to manage its asset performance to ensure reliability optimisation of its reliability is commonly tasked to a separate reliability function.

Often, in many organizations, this responsibility is interpreted simplistically into reliability engineering activities. Nothing could be further from the truth, the activity to manage asset reliability is more than just reliability engineering.


An effective reliability management function typically involves the following basic functionalities :

Continuous efinement of the Asset Maintenance Strategy
Proactive Maintenance Process Management
Asset Merformance monitoring
Reliability Issues Management
Reliability Engineering

Our services to support your Reliability Improvement Journey includes :


  • Setting up the complete Reliability Function including defining the organizational setup, roles, and ways of workings.  

  • Developing your organization’s capability for the continuous refinement of asset management strategy.

  • Implementation of Proactive Maintenance Process Management.

  • Including implementation of Asset Health Monitoring Management.


  • Setting up systematic data collection process for valid and meaningful failure and reliability data.

  • Basic Reliability Engineering Analysis Course.

  • Setting up a fit for purpose key performance indicators and setting up the performance management report and practice.

  • Setting up the Reliability Issues Management practice including Root Cause Analysis training and implementation.

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