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Business Improvement Strategy

An integrated approach to achieve the synergistic outcome of world class performance.

Business process improvement responds to customer demands, achieving business goals more efficiently. It finds operational improvements and develops appropriate strategies for implementation. Its ultimate purpose is to drive business growth through improvement. 

The process improvement strategy refers to the vision, goals and set of steps that will enable an organization's processes to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by addressing inefficiencies, waste, plant and asset condition, and culture within the process and its stakeholders.


The strategy should not only have at its foundation the steps and goals to achieve in order to boost the businesses bottom line but also how employees will be involved and maintained engaged in the continuous process improvement of the operation.

Our improvement framework which is derived from TPM & Lean principles recognises the critical  role of finding and rectifying problems at the earliest possible time through the engagement of  the entire workforce.

It is an Operations Improvement Strategy that also minimises Operational Risk by engaging and developing the skills of the frontline workforce (operators and maintainers) so  that they can identify equipment, process and quality problems at the earliest possible time and  ensure their prompt rectification. This result, not only in a more stable plant operation but most  importantly maximises productivity and capacity, minimises costs and creates a safer workplace.

Following the initial education on TPM & Lean principles, a Business Improvement Leadership Team is established.  Their goal is to plan out the initial cycle of improvement activity spanning 3-4 months, as well  as start the process of creating a Master Implementation Plan typically spanning 5 years with  the aim of achieving their Improvement Vision.

The business improvement strategy and plan should not just a bunchof separate activities, but rather an integrated approach where each activity interlinks with  the other activities to achieve the synergistic outcome of world class performance.

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