Training Courses

We believe that for change to be truly successful then significant investment is required in training the people in the new skills and techniques required to support improvement programs. As such we have assembled a number of recognised training courses delivered by certified trainers to assist with your staff development programs, specifically targeted at maintenance and operations personnel. All of our training courses are suitable for use as parts of large consulting engagements and as stand-alone training delivered either in-house or to "public" audiences. If you see something here that you are interested in please contact us to discuss the best delivery method for your situation. To learn more about any of them please CONTACT US.
  • Maintenance Management Excellence

    This course explores the elements required to achieve maintenance management excellence. It is the framework firstly developed by John Campbell in the original edition of the best selling maintenance book Uptime. The framework and material of this popular course has been updated and
  • The Reliability Game - Understanding Proactive Culture

    Have you just been told that you have to improve reliability? Are you struggling to understand what does reliability improvement really involves? Or are you just feeling frustrated that your reliability effort is not being supported by the right elements in your organizations? Trying to change your
  • RCM - Introductory 3-day Course

    What better way to truly understand Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) than to learn in the very course developed by the world renowned RCM guru John Moubray, whom under the guidance of Stanley  Nowlan, (the creator of the RCM methodology) has authored the world’s best selling RCM
  • Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

    Do you feel our maintenance organization is always short on resources? Work orders keep coming but not very many seems to get done? The work order priority system gets abused? It seems that all requests are inappropriately labeled high priority. Worse, the emergency incident numbers are up from every section of the plant...
  • RCM - Advanced Course for Facilitators & Reliability Leaders

    This in-depth RCM training is for those destined to be RCM analysts facilitating the RCM process.  It is offered to clients who are implementing RCM and requiring the use of their own facilitators. This course is designed to develop the skills of your staff so that they can confidently lead their own analyses.
  • Maintenance Task Analysis

    Maintenance Task Analysis (or short MTA) is an alternative work identification method used to supplement the deployment of RCM methodology. It is mainly used to optimize asset maintenance strategy for non critical assets. It uses fewer resources, takes less time to complete, but is not as

  • Sustainable Business Improvement through LEAN Methodology

    This course explains the concepts behind TPM3 - LEAN and the way Lean thinking develops culture of continuous improvement with its philosophy, processes, and people aligned to cultivate problem solving for any industry you work for. It also shows you why most companies embarking on performance improvement soon become frustrated with isolated improvement projects that yield great short-term results but have no sustainability.

  • Asset Prioritizations - Criticality Assessment

    To be successful in initiating and maintaining reliability improvement process, any organizations must clearly understand its priorities and focuses for the improvements. One of the most common tools used for this purpose, is the equipment or system criticality assessment. Used properly, this tool is

  • Basic Reliability Engineering Concept and Applications for Maintenance

    Many people working in maintenance function in various industries have probably heard about this wonderful discipline or tools called Reliability Engineering. How it is “suppose” to be able to help us understand our assets behavior. And how this understanding could then help us improve those assets reliability.

  • Introduction to RCS

    How good is your spares management? How often have you identified the need to replace components for your asset only to find the spares are not available? This situation would normally result in an unnecessary increase of downtime. This course revisit the objective of holding spares
  • Conferences and other events

    Relogica actively supports the development of Excellence in Physical Asset Management. We regularly participate and promote, world class physical asset management events. Watch this space for upcoming conferences, workshops, and seminars.
  • Introduction to TPM3 Workshop

    A two full-day interactive workshop to learn how to unleash the full potential of your people, equipment and processes as you strive for World Class Performance using Total Productive Maintenance methodology
  • Root Cause Analysis For Equipment Failure

    Learn the effective and systematic process for Root Cause Failure Analysis
  • Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Course

    Learn Lean Six Sigma Methodology, Tools, and Implementation