We constantly seek out leading edge thought leadership and world class methodologies and tools that we believe are crucial to our client?s success

Our Partners

Our network of business partners are an important aspect of our services. We constantly seek out leading edge thought leadership and world class methodologies and tools that we believe are crucial to our client’s success. Our working relationship with our partners is based on continually improving the methodologies and the delivery of the services to ensure that we provide world class solutions for our clients in Indonesia. We believe that this combination of leading edge thinking with our practical approach to delivering real solutions ensures that our clients are able to access and benefit from world class expertise.

A brief description of our partners:

Established in the UK and the US by the late John Moubray and presently based in Canada, Aladon is the main driving force behind its network of 30 franchisees who help clients apply RCM II technology in more than 1500 sites in 44 countries in all major areas of maintenance & operations. More than 50,000 people have attended the much praised Aladon's RCM training courses worldwide. Relogica is the only Indonesian entity licensed to provide RCM II services in Indonesia.

  Information Science Consultants (iSC)
Based in the UK, iSC specializes in helping clients realizing the benefits of RCM. To enhance the benefit further, iSC has developed a Reliability Centered Spares methodology which aims to ensure that the spares management policy is optimally set to support the maintenance policy derived during the RCM analysis. Relogica is licensed to apply the RCS methodology to organizations in Indonesia to assist clients amplify the benefit of RCM or as a stand alone Cost Rationalization Initiative to reduce the unnecessary Spares Parts Inventory. In 2007, iSC was acquired by IFS Defence to strengthen their product and service offering. IFS Defence is the extension arm of IFS in the defence industr. IFS is one of the world's leading providers of component based business software developed using open standards. IFS' industry focused solutions are optimized for ERP, enterprise asset management, and MRO

TPM3 is an enhanced version of Total Productive Maintenance method developed Ross Kennedy at the Center for TPM (Australasia) located in Sydney. CTPM has been assisting clients with the TPM journey to Manufacturing excellence for over 10 years. Relogica is the sole business partner licensed to implement and apply the TPM3 method in Indonesia.

Optimal Maintenance Decision (OMDEC) specializes in developing management tools and technologies to optimize the decisions needed to be taken by the maintenance function. Enhancing the ideas developed by Prof. Andrew Jardine of the CBM Lab in University of Toronto and a consortium of major engineering technology company, OMDEC developed EXAKT. A breakthrough in predictive maintenance modeling tools which enable maintenance organisations to refine their predictive maintenance capability to improve cost-effectiveness

Founded in 1987, MRG has developed many reliability management best practices and tools for plants and facilities in variety of industries undergoing reliability improvement initiatives. Among these tools, are The Reliability Game® and the Business Case for Reliability methodology. The reliability game is a cultural changing tool designed to teach the various levels and resources within your organization on how to make the transition from a reactive to a proactive maintenance environment. The business case for reliability methodology is a quantifiable business case development approach that will help you validate your investment in corporate-wide reliability. Licensed by MRG as certified facilitator for the reliability game and reliability business case, relogica brings these valuable tools to support our clients in their journey to achieve reliability excellence.