WebRUSL is a web based inventory management tool from our partner Management Resources Group, Inc., (MRG) used for determining reorder levels to prevent non-productive overstocks and eliminate risky understocks within your slow moving MRO inventory. As you may have experienced in your plant, accurate reorder levels for these spare parts are crucial to maintaining operations.
WebRUSL is an an optimisation tool for your MRO inventory originated from the work started in 1984 by Inventory Solutions Inc. (ISI) which had specialized in the inventory management of slow moving spareparts. Since then, they have analysed more than $4 billion in inventory around the world. ISI later on became part of MRG and their tailored solutions to business objectives help our clients better manage their inventory risk by trimming overstocks while protecting availability of critical spares.

For more information on this solutions please download the brochure here.