Built around John Moubray's robust RCM II methodology, EXP Professional is an extensive RCM analyses application which do much more than just RCM.

EXP Professional

EXP professional is an advanced tool for maintenance strategy formulation derived from industry leading reliability application, IVARA's EXP enterprise. This software enables organizations to define asset improvement strategy based on business prioritizations. Through the development of action plans using leading RCM methodology, RCM2 or focus on quick win using MTA methodology.

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Software Features:
  • Asset Prioritization —Systematically rank your assets by failure consequence and relative risk.
  • Strategy selector —Risk-sensitive approach to objectively determine the methodology to develop the program right for your assets in their operating context.
  • RCM2 —Leverage the leading RCM standard where it counts the most. With built in Failure finding formula & calculators
  • Maintenance Task Analysis (MTA) —Apply Ivara’s accelerated FMEA methodology, Maintenance Tasks Analysis to define requirefd tasks for less critical assets —& and achieve full plant coverage faster.
  • Current Practices Review —Fastest way to implement condition-based inspections based on your existing program (revisit with MTA or RCM later).
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Scalability into EXP Enterprise

EXP Professional is derived from the more comprehensive EXP Enterprise which is an Advanced Asset Performance Management tool.
While EXP professional captures analysis data, EXP enterprise provides a robust system to implement strategy decisions and tasks recommendations. EXP enterprise also enable real time asset performance tracing. Hence, adapting EXP Professionals means having the option to upscale your reliability foundation to enable comprehensive reliability solutions which drives rapid implementation results.

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If you would like to learn more about the complete and integrated module from the industry leading reliability application, EXP enterprise, please download this brochure here.

EXP Enterprise