We have successfully delivered solutions that have improved the physical asset performance for many clients through the application of proven world class methodologies and tools.

What we do

Whether your company operates a complex petrochemical plant, a coal powered power generation plant, a fleet of heavy earth moving equipment, crude-oil pumping stations or just a single line bottle filling machine, Relogica can help to improve your organizations operations and maintenance management practices to ensure that your physical assets are optimized in supporting your overall business objectives.

Below are some samples of what we do:

Integrated Mining Site – RCM II Implementation

As a step to achieving maintenance excellence the client, an integrated mining site wished to improve its maintenance policies through the implementation of Reliability Centered Maintenance. We assisted in the implementation the RCM -II method by providing proof of concept RCM analysis, development of the clients RCM II facilitators team and the infrastructure for successful roll out to the overall plant.

Up stream Oil & Gas – Development of Operators Routine Duties Checklist

As a part of the client’s global initiative to achieve operational excellence, one element of the initiative was to improve equipment reliability through operators’ participation. Relogica assisted in the development of effective operator routine duties checklist. The result was that operators can effectively detect potential failures and improved their sense of equipment ownership.

Coal Fired Power Generation – Development and Implementation of a Maintenance Strategy

Following the completion of the Maintenance Diagnostic report, it was found that whilst the client had many elements of an effective Maintenance Strategy there were still areas that needed to be addressed which were limiting the client in realizing its goal to be a “world class” maintenance organization. Relogica assisted in the development of the maintenance strategy which described the prioritized action plan to achieve maintenance excellence.

Coal Mining – RCM II Facilitation for Analysis for selected assets

Looking to improve operational reliability and to capture the knowledge of maintaining certain assets the client decided to apply RCM to develop maintenance program for selected assets. Relogica provided training and RCM II facilitation to develop the maintenance program for the selected assets.