Work Management is the bridge that translates asset maintenance strategies into actions that results in assets availability

Work Management

Work management encompasses planning, scheduling, and work execution. With the advent of computerisation circa 1990s, the maintenance work management area has also received a fabulous tool to boost effectiveness in a form of CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System). Nowadays, almost all maintenance organisation have implemented, to varying degrees, a form of CMMS. Sadly though, these implementations do not necessarily result in increased effectiveness in work management activities. Many organisations, by means of CMMS, are simply automating paperwork (Work Orders) instead of optimising its usage as a productivity tool to increase the effectiveness of their functions. This situation is often caused by improper process definition and design which if left unattended, it may lead to destruction of value where the CMMS system is viewed as an unnecessary burden dreaded by maintenance personnel.

We assist clients in re-designing their work management processes from planning, scheduling, work monitoring to work order closure. Through careful re-examination of the business and functional requirements and assessment of the CMMS functionality, we establish design principles which organisations can determine the most practical optimisation of the CMMS resulting in increased effectiveness and enhanced control of the maintenance work management process

Once an effective work management process has been established we then assist clients to maximise the process efficiency through the application of advanced maintenance planning & execution system such as Ivara’s EXP, which enhances the effectiveness of condition monitoring maintenance as well as improves the efficiency of work order generation and execution.

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