The maintenance strategy is developed together with all key personnel in workgroup sessions

Maintenance Strategy Development

Establishing the Vision (Step B in the maintenance strategy development framework) and Developing the Blueprint for the future (Step C in the maintenance strategy development framework). The objectives in this step are to establish a future vision of the maintenance practices of the organisation and then develop the improvement programs (short term and long term programs) and the implementation plan together with the organisation's staff.

Following the understanding of the organisation’s current performance, we would then conduct a maintenance strategy workshop, this is a crucial activity in the development of the maintenance strategy. The workshop is divided into two major sessions, namely; Formal training on the elements of the maintenance effectiveness and an intensive workshop mode defining the vision, gaps, and improvement programs needed.

This workshop is one of the key elements of organisational maintenance strategy, as it ensures a common understanding of what needs to be improved and why, as well as a sense of ownership and how this improvement will be addressed.