The maintenance effectiveness review measures the performance of the maintenance function

The Maintenance Effectiveness Review

Assessing current situation (Step A). The objective for this activity is to obtain an understanding of the current status and issues of the organization's maintena?nce practices in order to establish the current baseline.

Before an organization embarks on an improvement journey it must first understand its current position. Relogica provides assistance to maintenance organizations wishing to assess their performance to identify their weakness / area for improvements. Our consultants have extensive experience in reviewing / diagnosing maintenance management practices in many organizations. The Maintenance Effectiveness Review framework that we utilize, is a proven diagnostic tool supported by detailed evaluation criteria and conducted through interviews with key maintenance personnel, review of maintenance data, self assessment questionnaires and industry benchmarks. This review will become the performance baseline for the organization embarking on an improvement journey.

The diagnostic provides:
  • A qualitative assessment of capabilities in all elements of the Effective Maintenance Management Framework to identify the gaps between the organization's current performance and good practice.
  • A quantitative assessment, based on a review of the organization's asset management performance against industry best practices to provide a measure of the gap that to be addressing.
  • Recommendations to address the identified gaps. For key recommendations, an indicative scope of work is defined including approximate costs and estimated benefits.
  • Utilizing this diagnosis as performance baseline, the organization can now move forward in strategy formulation.