The essence of maintenance management excellence is the ability to continuously ensure that the organization can provide optimum asset availability in a reliable manner at maximum efficiency.

Maintenance Management Excellence

Maintenance Management Excellence is many things done well. It’s pla?nt performance, product quality, maintenance cost versus budget, service levels, inventory turnover, superior asset reliability etc. In order to achieve maintenance excellence, an organization must firstly understand all the elements required to attain this status. To achieve maintenance excellence requires establishing, what we believe as the fundamental building blocks of leadership, control, continuous improvement and ultimately strive for asset excellence. Within each of these blocks are elements at which an organization must excel

Relogica assists maintenance organizations through out Indonesia to improve their bottom line performance by assisting them in the drive to achieve maintenance excellence. We focus our collection of tools & methodology into solution sets to improve the management of the maintenance function. Our service solutions include:

Building the foundation - Maintenance Management Strategy development

Achieving control of your maintenance management processes

Striving for Excellence