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Continuous Improvement at Screen Station Area

18 March 2016

Improvement program within screening station area in the largest Nickel Mining Company in Indonesia involved more than 100 employees either directly and indirectly. They have successfully executed 7 improvement projects and able to give benefit both tangibly and intangibly.

Establishing Stable Operations through Continuous Improvement, a lesson learnt

19 January 2015
The largest nickel mining company in Indonesia, part of a global mining company has been running continuous improvement program using TPM principles. Commencing in 2010, the program called Operation and Maintenance Improvement Program, has delivered enormous savings and benefits both tangible and intangible.

Introducing RCM Book - versi Bahasa Indonesia

27 February 2013
Reliability centered maintenance (RCM) has long been known as the most robust methodology for developing the most effective asset maintenance program for your assets. To ensure successful application of RCM, it is necessary for the organization to fully understand its principles and methods the way they are meant to be applied.

The Importance of Data Integrity

03 January 2011
A new book entitled "Asset Data Integrity is Serious Business". by our partner, MRG's CEO Robert DiStefano and Stephen Thomas has just been launched. This book discusses how to understand the breadth of unreliable asset data and the value in solving it.

Enabling Sustainable Performance Improvement Amidst Cost & Market Pressures

02 January 2011
Our client, a very large mining operation, shares their success stories in initiating a successful corporate wide improvement effort. Their efforts, approaches, and results are presented in their paper entitled as above which was shared in the Global Executive Mine Management Summit in October 2010 just past.

Top Performers use Asset Performance Management System

14 April 2010
During last year's global economic meltdown, organizations implementing advanced Asset Performance Management and analytical capabilities, managed to achieve Best-in-Class performance of 88% Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and 2% unscheduled downtime;

Big Cost Savings in Difficult Situation

05 November 2009
A world class coal mining company in Indonesia recently commenced their journey for continuous business improvement using a simple 9-steps methodology. Their 6 pilot improvement project teams have gained success in achieving their targets.

Living Reliability on the Move

15 October 2009
One of our tools to enable living reliability program has just become better. Our business partner Ivara Corporation, the industry leader and innovator in asset performance management solutions, has just announced a strategic partnership with Isograph

Maintenance & Reliability Conference

03 September 2009
We are scheduled to present our views on Reliability journey and on TPM in an upcoming maintenance & reliability conference in Jakarta scheduled on the 7th & 8th of October. If you are interested to join the

Prof Jardine - On Good Maintenance Decision

05 August 2009
Our patron Prof. Andrew Jardine of University of Toronto - Center for Maintenance Optimization & Reliability Engineering (C-MORE), talked about making good maintenance decisions that can improve the bottom line,