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19 November 2019 - 20 November 2019
Learn the effective and systematic process for Root Cause Failure Analysis
26 November 2019 - 27 November 2019
Learn Lean Six Sigma Methodology, Tools and Implementation
03 December 2019 - 04 December 2019

Asset Prioritizations - Criticality Assessment

To be successful in initiating and maintaining reliability improvement process, any organizations must clearly understand its priorities and focuses for the improvements. One of the most common tools used for this purpose, is the equipment or system criticality assessment. Used properly, this tool is very powerful in guiding reliability improvement programs to prioritize improvement needs and produce benefits.

Unfortunately, there are also many that have wrongly applied this method. This course is intended for the would be Asset Criticality Analyst who are tasked to define and assess physical assets ahead of a major improvement program.

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