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19 November 2019 - 20 November 2019
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26 November 2019 - 27 November 2019
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03 December 2019 - 04 December 2019

Maintenance Task Analysis

Maintenance Task Analysis (or short MTA) is an alternative work identification method used to supplement the deployment of RCM methodology. It is mainly used to optimize asset maintenance strategy for non critical assets. It uses fewer resources, takes less time to complete, but is not as comprehensive as RCM process. (Hence it is not an RCM process but a work identification process). This course is for those who wish to use MTA as a complementary methodology in deploying RCM for their maintenance organizations.

Due to the nature of using this methodology, to attend this course to become an MTA analyst, the participants must have successfully completed the Advance RCM II Course and become the RCM facilitator.

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