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At Relogica we aim not to just help clients with the problems of today but we also look to the trends and possibilities for the future. We are committed to providing solutions for our clients that will enable them to be truly world class organizations. We do this by synthesizing the issues confronted by our clients, with the leading edge thinking of our Business Partners together with our experiences in the field to develop our viewpoints of what the future holds and how to get there. We believe this enables our clients to stay ahead of the pack in striving for excellence.

Listed below are some of our viewpoints for Operations and Maintenance excellence, we trust you find these articles interesting and thought provoking and we welcome your feedback or the opportunity to discuss how these viewpoints are relevant to your industry, please feel free to contact us regarding any of the issues covered on this page..

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Maintenance Information Management

12 April 2010
In our maintenance pyramid of excellence framework, Information management completes the control elements. This element is about how well we manage the information we produced and collected in the process of managing our maintenance, and also how well we utilize this information to enable more effective and efficient maintenance practices.

Continuous Business Improvement Project

18 March 2010
A world class coal mining company in Indonesia recently commenced their journey for continuous business improvement using a simple 9-steps methodology. Their 6 pilot improvement project teams have gained success in achieving their targets.

Maintenance Performance Measures

21 January 2010
What gets measured gets done

Tom Peters, the well known management guru of Management Excellence said that if we want to have something done, be sure to put the proper measurement against it. He observed through a study that organizations that are focused on a set of objectives and measurement schemes to monitor the progress; generally do well in meeting those objectives. Sometimes, even exceeding it.

MRO Materials Management

04 November 2009

It is a well known fact that maintenance cannot be fully effective without the support of good materials management practice. Have you ever been in the situation where you and your crew were all ready to complete a particular scheduled maintenance job, got all the required tools, only to find that the required spares is not there? And not even in the warehouse? How often have you experienced stock out? Does your organization experienced high stock out rate?

Maintenance Work Planning & Scheduling

15 October 2009
It's amazing how many companies we see that are sure they are doing planning and scheduling, but when we dig under the surface we see that what they are actually doing is scheduling not planning. Or even worse, all they are doing is actually just Work Order launching .... No planning and no scheduling.

Maintenance Excellence Quick Assessment Guide

03 August 2009
Maintenance Excellence is Many things done well, the first step in becoming excellent is understanding where we are right now. This guide helps maintenance organizations to get a snap shot of where they are at right now

Introduction to Maintenance Task Analysis

03 August 2009
Maintenance Task Analysis (MTA) is an asset maintenance strategy optimisation method which utilizes the same principle as RCM2. In the hands of properly trained individuals, MTA is a very cost-effective method to produce

Are you doing the right Maintenance?

03 August 2009
Excellence in maintenance truly requires that you have good control over your maintenance activities. As depicted in our maintenance excellence framework, to get good control of your maintenance activities, you need to be in command of the 5 control elements. This paper discuss the first of the control elements which is determining the right maintenance work to be done for your physical asset. This is also reffered as maintenance tactics.

What is Maintenance Excellence?

03 August 2009
The first in a series of articles explaining our understanding of Maintenance Excellence. It introduces the framework of Maintenance Excellence and the importance of having an effective Maintenance Strategy.

The Case for Reliability Centered Maintenance for Organizations in Indonesia

03 August 2009
Along with the advancement of technology and its application in physical assets, more and more the performance of companies in Indonesia is dependent on the reliability of their physical assets. The performance